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Birnam hill
Birnam Hill
Birnam Hill
Birnam Hill
Dunkeld, its Straths & Glens
New Statistical Account
Revd. [Reverend] Daniel McBride
Mr. Colin Livingstone
Mr. Thomas Ellis
062 "Birnham, a mountain in the parishes of Auchtergaven and Little Dunkeld, Perthshire. It rises from the right bank of the Tay, at the entrance to the Highlands, and attains a height of 1580 feet above sea level. Its summits command an extreme view of Strathmore, Stormont, Athole and Strathbraan. Its sides and skirts were anciently covered with forest, but are now marked only by the scaurs of slate quarries and the feathery growth of young larch plantations. An ancient vitrified fort of 320 paces in circumference was recently discovered on one of its summits. But the great interest of Birnam consists in its association with the story of Macbeth, as immortalised by Shakspeare; and this is well told as follows in the 'Beauties of Scotland':- When Malcolm Canmore came into Scotland, supported by English auxiliaries, to recover his dominions from Macbeth the Giant, as the country people called him, he marched first onward to Dunkeld, in order to meet with those friends who had promised to join him from the north. This led him to Birnam wood, where accidentally they were induced, either by way of distinction, or from some other motive to ornament their bonnets, or to carry about them in their hands the branches of trees. The people in the neighbourhood stated, as the tradition of the country, that they were distinguished in this situation by the spy whom Macbeth had stationed to watch their motions. He then began to despair, in consequence of the witches' predictions, who had warned him to beware 'when Birnam wood should come to Dunsinnan'; and when Malcolm prepared to attack the castle, where it was principally defended by the outer rocks, he immediately deserted it; and flying ran opposite hill, pursued by Macduff, but finding it impossible to escape he threw himself from the top of the hill, was killed upon the rocks, and buried at the Lang Man's Grave, as it is called, which is still extant." Fullarton's Gazetteer
It is the property of Sir W.D. Stewart, Bart. [Baronet] Murthly Castle.

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County of Perth-- Parish of Little Dunkeld

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