Perthshire volume 44

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OS1/25/44/1 KINNOULL [parish] Kinnoull Ph. [Parish] Kinnoull Ph. [Parish] Kinnoull Ph. [Parish] Kinnoul Kinnoul Kinnoull Kinnoull Kinnoull New Statistical Acct. [Account] Sheriff's List of meresmen Oliver & Boyd's Almanac Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Fullarton's Gazetteer Valn. [Valuation] Roll of County 1857-8 Book of Perth Stobies Co. [County] Map 1805 086 ; 098 ; 110 [Situation] On the east side of Perthshire adjacent to the City of Perth. A parish in Perthshire of very irregular and dispersed form, situated adjacent to the town of Perth but on the eastern [side] of the River Tay It consists of four parts or three entirely detached sections. The principal one, for its populousness, its suburban position its being the site of the parish church and of many interesting edifices stretches about two miles up and down the Tay, and immediately opposite the town of Perth has a breadth of about 1½ miles and is bounded on the north and NE [North East] by Scone and on the SE. [South East] and south by Kinfauns. The larger portion of this district is included within the parliamentary [continued on page 2]
OS1/25/44/1 [Page] 1 Parish of Kinnoull
OS1/25/44/2 KINNOUL (Continued) [continued from page 1] boundaries of Perth. The three detached portions already referred to, which make up the remainder of the parish are situated in different directions and at different distances from the principal portion above described, and are known respectively under the names of Inchyra, Balthayock, Murrayshall, and Balbeggie, which are the names of the estates or landed properties; Balthayock and Murrayshall forming, in combination, detached part No. 1 of the Parish, Inchyra - Detached No. 2, and Balbeggie - Detached No. 3. There are no detached portions of other parishes within Kinnoull and the abovementioned are the only detached portion of Kinnoull parish.
OS1/25/44/2 [Page] 2 [Notes]: See NL [Name List] for Det. [Detached] page 16 &c for Balthayock Ho: [House] &c [Linked to Murrayshall in text:] No. 1? [Linked to Balthayock in text:] This was to be No.4 - but it is found on plans of Det. [Detached] No.1 OMO [Ordnance Mapping Office]
OS1/25/44/3 LONGLEYS Langleys John Rutherford Muirhall James Pedie occupier 098 [Situation] About ½ Mile N.W. [North West] from Muirhall. This name applied to two Small Cottar Houses, the Property of Lord Gray, Kinfauns Castle
OS1/25/44/3 MUIRHALL Muirhall John Rutherford Occupier David Crayton Upper Muirhall 098 [Situation] Near the southern portion of the Sheet. A large Farm house, with offices large Farm &c. attached, the Property of the Earl of Kinnoull.
OS1/25/44/3 [Page] 3 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No. 2 Traces 2, 4 & 5
OS1/25/44/4 [Page] 4 [Blank page]
OS1/25/44/5 MOUNTTABOR COTTAGE Mounttabor Cottage Mounttabor Cottage Mount Tabor Mr. D. Robertson, Bookseller High Street, Perth Mr Geddes Mounttabor Perth Post Office Directory 098 [Situation] About 33 chains N.W. [North West] from Corsiehill House. (margin of Sheet). A small Cottage with vegetable garden attached the property of Mr D Robertson, Bookseller, Perth & occupied by Mr. Geddes.
OS1/25/44/5 [Page] 5 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.6 Trace 1
OS1/25/44/6 KINNOULL HILL QUARRY Kinnoull Hill Quarry John Rutherford, Muirhall David Crayton, Upper Muirhall 098 [Situation] A few chains S.W. [South West] from Corsiehill House. A Quarry, West of Causeyhill House, the Property of Lord Gray, Kinfauns Castle
OS1/25/44/6 [Page] 6 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.6 Traces 2 & 3
OS1/25/44/7 UPPER MUIRHALL Upper Muirhall David Crayton, Occupier John Rutherford, Muirhall 098 [Situation] About 35 chains N.E. [North East] from Corsiehill House. A two Storey House, with offices &c. attached, the Property of Lord Gray,
OS1/25/44/7 CORSIEHILL Corsiehill Corsiehill Corsiehill Corsiehill Corsiehill Major Salmond, Corsiehill House John Rutherford Muirhall Directory of Perth James Peebles Corsiehill John Kregan Corsiehill 098 [Situation] A few chains N. [North] of Corsiehill House. This name applies to a few Cottar houses, the property of Lord Gray,
OS1/25/44/7 CORSIEHILL HOUSE Corsiehill House Corsiehill Corsiehill Corsiehill House Corsiehill House Major Salmond, Occupier John Rutherford, Muirhall Perth Directory Valn. [Valuation] Roll 1857-8 James Peebles Corsiehill John Kregan Corsiehill 098 [Situation] On the N. [North] side of Kinnoull Hill. A neat two Storey dwelling house, the Property of the representatives of the late Mrs. Jackson Perth.
OS1/25/44/7 [Page] 7 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.6 Traces 2 & 3
OS1/25/44/8 MUIRHALL QUARRY Muirhall Quarry John Rutherford, Muirhall John Jackson, Toll Keeper 098 [Situation] About 26 chains N. [North] of Corsiehill House. A large Quarry, South of Muirhall, the Property of Lord Gray, Kinfauns Castle
OS1/25/44/8 MUIRHALL CHECK T.P. [Turn Pike] Muirhall Check Bar John Jackson occupier John Rutherford, Muirhall 098 [Situation] About 18 chains N. [North] of Corsiehill House. A small Check Bar, on the old Road to Dundee
OS1/25/44/8 MUIRHALL COTTAGE Muirhall Cottage James Camsey, Occupier John Jackson, Toll Keeper 098 [Situation] About 15 chains N.E. [North East] of Corsiehill House. A Small Cottage, South of Muirhall Quarry, the Property of Lord Gray,
OS1/25/44/8 [Page] 8 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.6 Traces 2 & 3
OS1/25/44/9 KINNOULLHILL LODGE Kinnoullhill Lodge George Kier Kinnoullhill Lodge Allan McGregor Tullymally 098 [Situation] N. [North] side of Kinnoull Hill. A small house one storey high with a vegetable garden and small portion of land attached It is the Property of the Right Hon. [Honourable] the Earl of Kinnoull Dupplin Castle
OS1/25/44/9 [Page] 9 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.6 Trace 4 [Signed] J Campbell
OS1/25/44/10 KINNOULL HILL Kinnoull Hill Allan McGregor George Kier 098 [Situation] East side of the City of Perth. A high prominent hill lying about two miles on the east side of the City of Perth, it falls on the south side with steep precipitous rocks: it is planted on all sides with wood and is the Property of the Right Hon.[Honourable] the Earl of Kinnoull Dupplin Castle
OS1/25/44/10 MONTAGUE'S WALK Montague's Walk Montague's Walk Montague's Walk James Peebles Corsiehill John Kregan Corsiehill Macfarlane's Map 1792 098 [Situation] N.W. [North West] side of Kinnoull Hill. A walk or footpath leading from Kinnoullhill Lodge to the summit of Kinnoull Hill. it is said to derive its name from the unfortunate Duke of Montague taking a stroll frequently along it.
OS1/25/44/10 [Page] 10 Sheet 98 No.6 Trace 5 -- Parish of Kinnoull [Signed] J. Campbell
OS1/25/44/11 TULLYMALLEY Tullymally Tullymally Tullymally Tullymalley Tullymalley Tullymalley Allan McGregor, Farmer Tullymally George Kier Kinnoullhill Lodge Mr. Moncrieffe Solicitor Factor Mr. Bayne (Mr. M's [Moncrieffe's] Office) Rent Roll 098 [Situation] At the N.W. [North West] corner of the Sheet. A one storey dwelling house, with a Small Office vegetable garden and small portion of land attached. It is the property of Alexander Moncrieff Esq.
OS1/25/44/11 DUNDEE AND PERTH RAILWAY See Descriptive Remarks written for Sheet 54.9.11
OS1/25/44/11 WILLOWGATE See Descriptive Remarks written for Sheet 98.9.5
OS1/25/44/11 [Page] 11 Parish of Kinnoull -- Sheet 98 No.10 Trace 1 [Signed] James Carpenter C. A. [Civilian Assistant] 31st. Aug. [August] 1860 C. N. Martin Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
OS1/25/44/12 [Page] 12 [Blank page]
OS1/25/44/13 [Page] 13 OS1/25/44 [Volume] 44 CO. [COUNTY] PERTH PARISH of KINNOULL SHEET 98 No. 10.
OS1/25/44/14 [Page] 14 PARISH OF KINNOULL SHEET 98 No. & 10 INDEX Names of Objects -- Pages Corsiehill -- 7 Corsiehill House -- 7 Dundee & Perth Railway -- 11 Kinnoull -- 1 Kinnoull Hill Quarry -- 4 Kinnoullhill Lodge -- 9 Kinnoull Hill -- 10 Longleys -- 3 Muirhall -- 3 Mountabor Cottage -- 5 Muirhall Quarry -- 8 Muirhall Check T.P. [Turnpike] -- 8 Muirhall Cottage -- 8 Montague's Walk -- 10 Tullymalley -- 11 Upper Muirhall -- 7 Willowgate -- 11
OS1/25/44/15 [Page] 15 [Lefthand side of page:] Ordnance Survey Office, Inverness. 13th April 1865. Captain Jones R.E. [Royal Engineers] I return, this day, the documents of Kinnoull Parish Perthshire, received here yester- day with Remarks which were partly replied to on the 11th. inst. [instant] It is quite evident that there are but three detached portions of this parish although four are stated in the Name list to Exist; the mistake doubtless occurred thro' [through] the compiler of the Name lists (c. a. [civilian assistant] Carpenter) taking for granted the description of the parish given in the "Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]" Vol. [Volume]18. page 541. where it is stated "The disjoined districts of the parish will be best known by examining Stobies map of Perthshire under the names, Inchyra, Balthayock, Murrayshall and Balbeggie" The Parliamentary Gazetteer Vol. [Volume] 2 page 158 also states "It consists of five parts, or four entirely distinct portions" These descriptions are, however, wrong - as the Estates of Balthayock & Murrayshall Comprise but one portion (Det. [Detached] No.1) instead of being separate portions in them- selves as stated above; even the statement of the Gazetteer, already [continued on page 16] [Righthand side of page:] O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office] Southampton 18 April 1865 Mr Carpenter compiled the N. [Name] List in 1860. - at that time the evidence went to show that there were 4 Det. [Detached] parts - but the Survey dated 1864 proves that there are only 3 - the Book should have been altered by the later Survey in that year. H.McE. - This note should be attached to the Namelist for the parish - page 1 -
OS1/25/44/16 [Page] 16 [continued from Page 15] quoted, is contradicted in the same page, 9 lines further on - "Another section called Balthayock, measuring 1½ mile by 1¼, lies a mile to the west, and is slightly connected, at its northern extremity, with a third section, a square of ¾ of a mile deep, presenting angles to the cardinal points and called Murrayshall." The Name Lists have been corrected. F. E. Pratt Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]