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Ordnance Survey Office,
Inverness. 13th April 1865.

Captain Jones R.E. [Royal Engineers]
I return, this day, the
documents of Kinnoull Parish
Perthshire, received here yester-
day with Remarks which were
partly replied to on the 11th. inst. [instant]
It is quite evident that
there are but three detached
portions of this parish although
four are stated in the Name
list to Exist; the mistake
doubtless occurred thro' [through] the
compiler of the Name lists (c. a. [civilian assistant]
Carpenter) taking for granted
the description of the parish
given in the "Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]"
Vol. [Volume]18. page 541. where it is stated
"The disjoined districts of the parish
will be best known by examining
Stobies map of Perthshire under
the names, Inchyra, Balthayock,
Murrayshall and Balbeggie"
The Parliamentary Gazetteer
Vol. [Volume] 2 page 158 also states "It consists
of five parts, or four entirely distinct
portions" These descriptions are,
however, wrong - as the Estates of
Balthayock & Murrayshall Comprise
but one portion (Det. [Detached] No.1) instead
of being separate portions in them-
selves as stated above; even the
statement of the Gazetteer, already
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O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office] Southampton
18 April 1865

Mr Carpenter compiled
the N. [Name] List in 1860. -
at that time the
evidence went to show
that there were 4
Det. [Detached] parts - but the
Survey dated 1864
proves that there are
only 3 - the Book
should have been
altered by the later
Survey in that year.

- This note should be attached
to the Namelist for the
parish - page 1 -

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