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CHURCH (Chapel of Ease) [Norrieston] Church (Chapel of Ease)
Church (Chapel of Ease)
Church (Chapel of Ease)
Revd. [Reverend] William Watt
Mr. John McVey
Mr. John Sands
131 A Chapel of Ease in the village of Norrieston, it is a plain stone building seated to accomadate 870 persons.
"The Chapel of Ease at Norriestoun stands in this parish, and is four miles distant from the parish church, Gabriel Norrie of Norriestoun, a descendant of the ancient family of the Norries in this parish gave the church-yard and the site of the church there, upwards of 170 years ago, for a burying ground and a place of worship in connection with the Established Church of Scotland. The minister of this chapel receives his stipend from the rent of the lands which were purchased by public and private collections, which were made by the authority of the General Assembly. The Presbytery of Dunblane are appointed by the Assembly to manage this fund called the Norriestoun fund, with authority to let the lands, keep in repair the farm buildings, pay the public burdens, and the stipend of the minister at Norriestoun. The stipend varies from £80 to £95 per annum according to the state of the buildings and the amount of rent the land produces. He has, in addition to this sum, six acres of glebe, a garden, and also a good house, but the house, like the farm buildings, is built and kept in repair out of the rent of the land"
Statistical Account
This Church was partially re-built and thoroughly repaired in 1812.

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Parish of Kincardine Detd. [Detached]

This Church has been referred to the examiner as it appears to have all the qualifications
of a Quoad Sacra Church being a separate living having an ecclesiastical district annexed to it.
But the Ministers of Norrieston, Kincardine, and Kilmadock assert that it is not a Quoad Sacra Church.
They further state that in 1834 it was made a Quoad Sacra Church by the General Assembly,
but the Civil Court disallowed it. A more recent attempt was made to erect it into
a Quoad Sacra Church under Sir James Graham's Act, but this failed also.
[For a definition of Quoad Sacra Church see Transcriber's Notes.]

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