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FERNYHOLE WELL Fernyhole Well James Taylor Devonshaw Feus
William Colvin Devonshaw Feus
135 [Situation] In the Central portion of the South part of the parish
A Spring well on the North side of the Road a few yards East of the Main entrance to Devonshaw
THE MONK'S GRAVE The Monk's Grave James Taylor Devonshaw Feus
William Colvin Devonshaw Feus
135 [Situation] A few Chains east of Craigend
This name applies to a place where it is Said a MonK was buried who was Killed by One of the Murrays of Tullibardine in Consequence of a dispute Concerning land which occurred between the Tullibardine family And the Abbots of Culross. Five or six large stones were standing on this place till a few years ago, when the present Proprietor of Devonshaw got them removed. The worKmen who removed the Stones dug down to a Considerable depth thinKing to find the remains of the Murdered MonK but nothing of the Kind was found
A dispute existing Concerning the Proprietorship of the lands, a monk from Culross appeared upon them, made oath, on behalf of his monastery, who really possessed no Claim - that the land on which he stood was theirs and was instantly run thro' [through] the body by an indignant member of the Tullibardine family the real Proprietors - But he proved on An examination of his boots to have literally Stood in Some ounzes of Soil which h had brought with him from Culross; and he was buried on the Scene of this equivocation.
Fullarton's Gazetteer of Scotland Vol [Volume] 1: P. [Page] 587.

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Parish of Fossaway -- Sheet 135 Traces 4 & 5

Ferny - Abounding with Ferns.
Ferny-buss. a bush of Fern
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