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FOSSAWAY south-eastwards along the boundary between Tulliebole and lower Fossoway on the one side and the parish of Muckersie on the Other Side. Lower Queigh water rises in the northern limits of the northward stripe of Tulliebole forms for a Mile south-westward from its Source, the boundary between Dunning in Perthshire and debouching to the South-east so intersects for 3½ Miles the united Parish as to trace the boundary between the Perth-shire & Kinross-shire Sections. Two rivulets both called Gairney but distinguished by the prefixes East and West which designate the direction of their course, both rise in the Parish and meander along Copsewood banks. The villages are Blairingone and Crook of Devon, the former is a burgh of barony under the superiority of the Duke of Athole and has a market holden in the month of June, the latter is a Small Village and a burgh of barony and has a Fair in May and another in October.
There is a great diversity of Soil in the Parish, in some parts it is mossy on others gravelly, in some parts clayey, and in others loamy, some of it is of good quality and not a little of it Very inferior. The parish is in the presbytery of Auchterarder, Synod of Perth & Stirling. The portion of the parish of Fossaway belonging to Perthshire appears as three detached portions but as these are joined by the other part of the parish belonging to Kinross Shire, therefore there is no detached portion of the parish, nor are there any detached portions of any other parish with that of Fossaway

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