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FOSSAWAY Fossoway and Tulliebole
Fossoway and Tulliebole
Fossaway and Tulliebole
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119 ; 127 ; 134 ; 135 Fossaway and Tulliebole an united parish chiefly in Perthshire but partly in Kinrossshire compact in form and lying respectively at the Southeastern and at the Western Verge of the Counties. It is bounded on the north by Dunning; on the east by Orwell and Kinross; on the South by Cleish and Saline; on the West by Clackmannanshire; and on the north west by Muckart. Its greatest length is about 11 Miles; its greatest breadth about 10 Miles but its outline being very irregular, its superfecial Area is not more than about 50 Square Miles. The united parish consists of three districts of Fossaway in Perthshire one 6¼ Miles by 2½ on the South - one 3¾ by 1¾ lying 1½ Mile north of the former - and One a narrow stripe of half a mile by 2¾ lying a Mile eastward of the second and running parallel to it, all consolidated by the insertion amongst
them of Tulliebole belonging to Kinross-shire. The northern parts of Fossaway and the part of Tulliebole which connects them constituting jointly the entire northern Section of the united parish are a continued congeries of hills
running up to the Ochil range and lifting their tops from abou t1000 to 1500 feet above the level of the Sea The River Devon comes down upon Upper Fossaway from the west and runs south-eastward 3¾ Miles tracing the boundary line between that district and Tulliebole on the left bank and the parish of Muckart on its right bank; and making a sudden bend or Crook at the place appropriately called the Crook-of Devon flows 4¼ Miles south-eastward

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Parish of Fossoway -- Co.[County] Perth

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