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FORTEVIOT (Detached No 1) Part of Forteviot Ph [Parish]
Part of Forteviot Ph [Parish]
Part of Forteviot Ph [Parish]
Part of Forteviot Ph [Parish] and MucKersie
Stobies Co. [County] map
Johnston's Co. [County] map
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Fullarton's Gazetteer
119 ; 120 [Situation] In the South-eastern portion of Perthshire
This is a detached portion of the parish of Forteviot, its shape or figure approaching to somewhat of an oval form or of an ellipsoidal form of about 2 miles by 1⅓ and is bounded on the N W. [North West] and N. [North] by Forgandenny, and on all other sides by Kinross-shire. The May Water traces its boundary ¾ of a mile on the N W [North West] and a rilly tributary of that stream 1¼ mile on the north. The district lies wholly among the Ochil hills and possesses in general their distinctive features.- see Descriptive Rks. [Remarks] of Forteviot Parish.

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[Note] The parish consists of the Main body- & 1 Detached portion - on 86 & 98 1 Detached portion - discribed above - on 119 - 120 all in Perthshire O.M.O. [Ordnance Map Office]

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