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STONE CROSS (Sculptured) [Cross Park] Cross Stone
Cross Stone
Standing stone of Bankhead
The Hon. [Honourable] Lord Dupplin
Estate Map
New Stat. Acct.[Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 1173
109 [Situation] On the Southern side of Cross Park A large stone cross standing in the south west corner of Dupplin demesne inside a small iron paling about twelve feet square the south side of which forms part of a paling or wire fence making a boundary between two parks . The cross stands rather in the north west corner of the small enclosure with its top inclined a little to the south east. Its standing limb is about eight feet high & twenty by fourteen inches square. Its cross limbs are each about three feet long & about twelve by ten inches square, & the cross itself stands in a sunken stone about four feet by three. The cross is covered over with emblematic figures in various forms, such as boars, circles &c and many things not for me to divine. People as well as Antiquarian adept have various opinions as well as conjectures respecting them

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[Page] 23
Sheet 109.3 Trace 3 -- Parish of Forteviot
There is a stone cross quite entire a good way up the rising
ground (Bankhead), on the opposite bank of the Earn almost
straight north from the ford by which Baliols army crossed
the river.
New Stat.Acct. [Statistical Account] p. [page] 1173-4

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