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ROMAN CAMP (Remains of) [Ardargie] Roman Camp
Roman Camp
Roman Camp
James Kettle, Eastfields
William Straiton Ardargie
Henry Paul Ardargie
109 [Situation] Near the Central portion of the parish.
A little to the south west of the Farmsteading of Ardargie, several years ago it was of considerable extent but in improving the land it has been encroached upon from time to time, the small portion of it that remains, is, however very distinct.

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Sheet 109 Plan 16 -- Trace 1 -- Parish of Forgandenny.

On the estate of Ardargie belonging to Mrs. Fechney and lying about a mile and a half south-west
of Castle-Law there is a beautifully preserved Roman Camp which has been so called from time
immemorial. Its walls and ditches are quite and almost entire. The proprietors have all
along prevented them from being altered in any way. This ancient encampment is situated upon
a high Sloping bank looking towards the west immediately above the May and commanding a wide
prospect of that part of the Ochils and also a view of the great Roman Road which passed
from the Tay to the encampment at Ardoch. From its position it must have been admirably fitted
to prevent any parties from descending in that direction to the adjacent valley of strathearn.
Its figure is an exact square each side of which is about 90 yards long. On its south side
it is defended by a deep hollow through which a small brook runs and on the remaining three
sides by deep trenches. The width of these trenches at the top is about 10 yards; their depth on the
sides next the encampment is about 14 while on the outside it is 10.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire p. [page] 952.

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