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CASTLE LAW FORT Castlelaw Fort (Remains of) Mr R. Oliphant Schoolmaster Forgandenny
Stat: [Statistical] account.
109 The Summit of Castle Law presents evident appearances of a fort having at Some remote period existed here. On the south side of the Summit are the remains of four or five ditches of which appear to have been rings of the fort or fortification, although one or two of them appear to have been complete rings, it would appear that the others were not necessary round the north & West Sides as the hill here, is, in itself, very steep & would Seem to form, naturally, a barrier to the access of an enemy, on the east side embankments form themselves into what has the appearance of an approach or entrance which does not appear on any other Side There are no appearances of any walls having ever been here, although the top of the inner embankment appears to have been constructed of loose, round, Small Stones, which are now nearly covered with grass. these Stones have not the appearance of having been built, they are too Small, & irregular having the appearance of what might be collected off a meadow etc. on the top or within inner ring are Several Small mounds of earth loose stones etc but no vestiges of any Kind of building.

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Ph [Parish] Forgandenny -- Sheet 109. No. 12. Trace 3.

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