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COVENANTER'S GRAVE [Forgandenny Churchyard] Covenanter's Grave Mr Oliphant Schoolmaster
Stat: [Statistical] account .
109 [Situation] Near the South Side of the parish church
This monument (so called) ia a common grave - or headstone, erected near to & on the south side of Forgandenny church, The inscription is in old Scotch which explains all that is known of him whose remains are said to lie beside it, rendered into English the inscription is.
"here lies Archibald Brodie, wright,
in forgandenny, who, at the break
up of a meeting, Octr. [October] 1678, was
shot by a party of Highland-men
Commanded by Ballachan, at
a caves mouth, flying
thither for his life, & that for his adherence
to the word of God and Scotlands
Covenanted work of religion
Rev: [Revelations] 12th Chap [Chapter] & 7th ver [verse]"
The "caves mouth" is supposed to be amongst the ochills, some miles to the south.

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Ph [Parish] of Forgandenny -- Sheet 109 No. 4 Trace 5.

[Below entry in Name column] (1678)
[signed] Thomas Dudgeon Sergt. R.E [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

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