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Murie House
Rev Dr [Reverend Doctor] Greierson
Robert Clark. Esqr.
099 [Situation] In the S. [South] western portion of the parish

A large two storey Mansion house. with ornamental ground. and garden attached. commanding an extensive prospect, especially to the west, the property of James Miln. presently unoccupied.
Law Knowe
Rev [Reverend Doctor] Greierson
Robert Clark Esqr.
New stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
099 [Situation] In the S. [South] western portion of the parish.

This name applies to a small grassy Knoll. situated on the northern approach to Murie House.
Tradition has it that law was administered from it under the Feudal System.

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[Note] -- Within the park of Murie there is an artificial mound of a
circular form 40 yards in diameter at the base and about 30 diameter at
the top. the height from the base being about 20 feet. The platform at
the top is surrounded with a turf wall with a walk outside of it
and the whole is enclosed with a turf wall at the base in the form of
an equilateral triangle. This mound is called the Law-knoll. Its sides
are planted with trees and it stands at the head of an old avenue of lofty oaks which leads in a straight line towards a place
at the distance of two miles which is called Gallowflat but which tradition reports to have the Gallow. Knoll under the
idea that the one Knoll was the place where the law was administered and the other where it was executed on criminals. The
Law-Knoll is in respect of height within a few feet of th highest position in the Parish. -- New stat. Acct [Statistical Account] of Perthshire page 386 -

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