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Kincladie Wood
Mr Angues
Mr Mailer
109 [Situation] On the N. [North] East Side of the Site of battle of Duncrub
a Small Stripe of wood chiefly Fir Trees property of Lord Rollo
WITCHES BURNED HERE (17th Century) [Kincladie Wood] A Wizard & Two Witches Burned here William Oswald
David Oswald
109 [Situation] On the East Side of Kincladie Wood
A Wizard & two witches were burnt here about the Middle of the 17th.. Century The Mans Name was Guthrie: The Womans Names ar not Known This place was pointed out by David Oswald who was born in Dunning and lived there all his lifetime he states that he saw the place dug up Some time ago and ashes and Cinders are Still in large quanties to be seen. The place has never been cultivated and an oak tree marks the Spot It. is well Known to all the older inhabitants and according to their calculation or reckoning the execution took place about the middle of the 17th century.

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