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ROCKING STONE [Balmanno Hill] Rocking Stone Revd [Reverend] Mr. Goodall Dron
Mr. Martin Schoolmaster Dron
110 [Situation] On the S. [South] western side of Balmanno Hill near the parish boundary.
This name applies to a large Whinstone Bowlder which, apparently by nature, has got poised in a state of equilibrium on a very small concavity of an other rock underneath, this concavity or pivot is so nicely formed for the end of the boulder and the centre of gravity of the latter falls so truly in that the stone can be easily moved or rocked (hence its name) slightly from side to side. The Rocking Stone appears to be about 4 feet high at one end & 3 ft. [feet] at the other and rests on its Pivot in a slanting position, the weight of the boulder is probably 2 Tons, it is situated towards the S. [South] West end of Balmanno Hill.
[Signed] Thomas Dudgeon
Sergt. R.E. [Sergeant Royal Engineers]

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Ph. [Parish] of Dron -- Sheet 110 No. 14. Trace 2.

[Additional note:]
On the South Side of the hill opposite to the church
and manse stands what is called the rocking Stone
of Dron presenting at once a monument of ancient ingenuity
and superstitution. It is a large mass of whinstone, of an
irregular figure about 10 feet in length and seven
in breadth and stands in a sloping direction
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire
page 864

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