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MILTON OF DRUMLOCHY Milton of Drumlochy
Milton of Drumlochy
Milton of Drumlochy
Peter Pirnie Occr. [Occupier]
Estate Map
Mr. Anderson, Factor, Blairgowrie
052 A farm house and Offices the property of John L Campbell Esqr. of Achalader.
TUMULUS [Milton of Drumlochy] Urn found Tumulus
Mr. McLaren Mains of Drumlochy
Peter Pernie
Mr. Soutar, Banker, Blairgowrie
052 On this farm [Milton of Drumlochy] in a field a short distance west of the house is a small cultivated mound or tumulus, out of which were trenched an Urn and a number of human bones the former is in possession of Mr. Soutar, Banker, Blairgowrie.
Lornty Burn
Lornty Burn
Lornty Burn
Mr. Soutar
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
Perth Constitutional
Mr. McLaren
051 ; 052 A considerable Stream or burn flowing from Benachally Loch in an easterly direction to its confluence with the River Ericht.
Lornty House
Lornty House
James Grimond Esqr. Pro. [Proprietor]
Mr. Baxter Ashbank
Val. [Valuation] Roll 1863
052 A small mansion having a garden and small plot of ornamental ground attached The property of James Grimond
FLAX MILL [Lornty] Lornty Mill
Lornty Mill
Lornty Mill
James Grimond Esqr.
Mr. Baxter
Val [Valuation] Roll 1863
052 A small Flax mill the property of James Grimond Esqr.

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