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MUIR OF DRUMLOCHY Muir of Drumlochy
Muir of Drumlochy
Muir of Drumlochy
Estate Plan
Messrs. Anderson & Chapman, Factors
Mr. McLaren Muirton of Drumlochy
052 A considerable tract of muirland on the lands of Drumlochy.
MOSS OF COCHRAGE Moss of Cochrage
Moss of Cochrage
Moss of Cochridge or Cochrage

Moss of Cochridge
Moss of Cochridge
Messrs. Anderson & Chapman
Estate map
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account]
Mr. Soutar Banker
Old Stat [Statistical] Account
Knox's Map of the Tay
052 On the north side of it is a considerable sized Moss, where the inhabitants of Blairgowrie at one time had the privilege of cutting their peats.
"A Roman spearhead was also found many years ago in the great Moss of Cochrage, and is now in possession of the writer Rev. [Reverend] Robert McDonald".
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
Mr. Soutar believes this to be the same moss that the following was found in. "Early in the last century, there was dug out of a Moss in the neighbourhood of Maws, the remains of a Roman Soldier in complete armour. The skeleton was found in an upright posture; and it is supposed that he had been drowned in attempting to cross the marsh, either in flight or pursuit." (See Craig Roman for further information relative to the Battle of Mons Grampius)
Perth Constitutional Octr. [October] 21st. 1840.

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Sheet 52-6 -- Parish of Blairgowrie -- Perthshire

[Notes below Moss of Cochrage:]
The Skeleton of a Roman Soldier
in armour and a bronze
spearhead said to have
been found in this Moss.
[Initialled] JB
Lt.Col. [Lieutenant Colonel]

See article "Cok" in Jamieson's Dicty. [Dictionary]

"The great peat-moss of Cochridge
supplied fuel to the inhabitants of
the surrounding district to a considerable distance"
New Stat [Statistical] Account

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