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Persie Wood
Persie Wood
Wood of Percy
Wood of Percy
Wood of Percy
Wood of Percy
John Stewart, N. [North] Persie
Thomas Robertson, Craigton
John McDonald Craigton
Patrick S. Keir Esqr. Factor
Estate Plan of Percy
Valuation Roll 1862-3
042 A fir wood of considerable extent situated north of the farms of "North Persie & Craighead" and southern slope of "Hill of Persie"
ROCKING STONE [Hill of Percy] Rocking Stone
Rocking Stone
Rocking Stone
John Stewart
John McDonald
David Reid, Milton
042 This name applies to a large stone situated a little east of "Persie Wood" It is not very well known, and still oscillates, but requires considerable force to set it in montion. Does not bear the same intrest as Rocking Stone, described on Plan 42.1 trace 5.

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