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PRINCESS OF WALES' TREE Princess of Wales' Tree Mr David Sharp
Mr R. Sharp
Mr Lawson Banker
117 An oak tree situated within a few yards of the Prince of Wales' Tree, It was planted to commemorate the marriage of the Prince of Wales on the 10th of March 1863,
QUEEN'S TREE Queen's Tree Mr D. Sharp
Mr R. Sharp
Mr D. Lawson
117 An oak tree situated within a few yards of the Prince,& Princess of Wales' Trees. It was planted on the 10th of March 1863 to commemorate the Marriage of the His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales.
DEAF KNOWE Deaf Knowe Mr Robertson
Rev. [Reverend] Bonello
Mr D. Sharp
117 A small hillock, which rises on all sides very abruptly situated about a mile west from the Village of Blackford. Tradition points it out as a tumuli?. There can't be much authenticity attached to this tradition, as it has never been explained,

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County of Perth -- Ph [Parish] of Blackford Sheet 117.12

Queen's Tree [note] This note will embrace the 3 Trees, it being superflous to enter the date under the name of each tree.

Deaf Knowe [note] On referring this name to the examiner he states " The tradition connected with this hill, is, that Queen Helen was drowned while crossing a ford near the Village, and her body was washed by the current to this spot. Upon it being found, it was so decomposed that it was found difficult to remove and a mound of earth was erected over her remains and this mound has always had the name of the Deaf Knowe.

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