List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GREEN'S FALLS Green's Falls Mr. Taylor
Andrew Flockhart
Andrew Guild Coulshill Nr. [Near] Auchterarder.
118 This hill is Situated in the South of the parish of Auchterarder, and between the source of Glenclach burn and Cadgergate Head.
DUN MUIR Dun Muir Mr. Taylor
Andrew Flockhart
Mr. Mailer WEst Eind Nr. [Near] Auchterarder
This is a low hill situated situated immediately south of Green's Falls, and between the latter and the Coul Burn.
CRAIG MEED Craig Meed Estate Plan
Mr. Taylor
Mr. Mailer
Andrew Flockhart
118 A few rocks Situated in the South-eastern corner of the parish of Auchterarder, and on the northern side of an old cart track. They are the rocks in that part.

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County of Perth, Ph. [Parish] of Auchterarder. 25 Inch sheet 118, plan 16.

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