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Technad Burn
Technad Burn
Mrs. Mailer, Cornhill
Mr. James Thomson, Woodside
Mr. John McNaughton D'fold [Drummondfold] Near Auchterarder
118 A small stream rising a little distance west of Black Maller, and flows in a northerly direction until it joins the Ruthven Water in Kincardine Glen.
MUIR OF AUCHTERARDER Muir of Auchterarder
Muir of Auchterarder
Muir of Auchterarder
Mr. Reid, Writer, Auchterarder
Mr Sinclair Inspector of Poor Auchterarder
Mr David Lawson, Gallowhill, Nr, [Near] Auchterarder
118 This name applies to a number of dwellings two of which are in this parish - situate on the road between Auchterarder and Ardoch. The houses in question are one storey, slated and in good repair Various proprietors.
Mr Reid
Mr. David Lawson, tenant
Mr. Sinclair, inspector of poor, Auchterarder
Valuation Roll for 1857-8
118 A dwellinghouse, one storey, slated, and in good repair; the property of Colonel Hunter, of Auchterarder House.

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County of Perth Parish of Auchterarder

Muir of Auchterarder - This name was formerly applied to Common Lands in Auchterarder parish, but
as the Common Lands are now all cultivated, the name is retained to these houses.

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