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Pairney Burn
Pairney Burn
Hon. [Honourable] Mrs. Graeme's Estate Plan
Mr. J. Spehenson
Mr. J. Christie, Brewer, Auchterarder
118 Formed by two small streams, the confluence of which, is about half a mile north of Corb Law. For about the first half mile of its course, it forms the boundry between the parishes of Dunning, and Auchterarder; and joins the Ruthven Water at Nether Coul.
Meanie Burn
Meanie Burn
Col. [Colonel] Hunter, Auchterarder Ho. [House]
Mr. Charles Mirrison
Mr John Scott
Estae Plan - Col. [Colonel] Hunter's possession.
118 In the continuation of Kirkton Burn. It is called Meanie Burn from the Mill Dam, west of Newbigging, to where it joins the River Earn, north west of the Mount.
An adjacent farmsteading is called Monnowburn a similar but different name.

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County of Perth Parish of Auchterarder

Pairney Burn - The original orthography retained
to agree with the name of the farm house
in 118/3 - See page 59 - As only a small
part of this stream forms the boundary between
Auchterarder & Dunning Parishes, the greater part
being in Auchterarder, the termmiation ie is
changed into ey on 118/8 of Dunning Ph. [Parish] to agree
with Auchterarder. O.M.O [Ordnance Mapping Office] July 1865.

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