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Dupplin Den
Mr Wood
Mr Oswald Dupplin
109 [Situation] East side of Dupplin Castle
A deep ravine with a stream running eastward along its bottom, extending from immediately behind the castle to the public road upon the east side of the Grounds of Dupplin Castle
SOUTH LODGE [Dupplin Castle] South Lodge
South Lodge
Mr Wood
Mr Larmer
109 [Situation] In the S W [South West] portion of the parish
A small porter lodge situated at the south entrance of the Grounds of Dupplin Castle & occupied by a servant of the Hon [Honourable] Lord Dupplin
Mr Wood
Mr Larmer
109 [Situation] In the S W. [South West] portion of the parish.
A couple of small cottages situated upon the south side of Dupplin demesne, having a carpenter's shop, a couple of Offices, a small garden & a Saw-Mill worked by water attached. It is the property of & occupied by the servants of the Earl of Kinnoull.

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