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Beech Roundle
Mr Wood, Dupplin
Robert Brown Crossgate Lodge
109 [Situation] In the S W. corner of the parish
A circular avenue on the north west and west roads leading to Dupplin. This portion forms a complete circle and has two rings of lofty beeches on each side of the road.

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Parish of Aberdalgie -- Sheet 109 N. 2 Trace 3

Rounall - Any circular thing Scottish Dicty [Dictionary]

[Note] None of the authorities are very sure about the mode of spelling Roundle and as the name is evidently taKen from the farm of the object, therefore "Roundall" according to Jamieson would be the proper mode
(signed) J. Kiernan Sapper R E [Royal Engineers]
James Campbell c.a [civilian assistant]

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