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Parish of Aberdalgie -- Sheet 97 No. 16 Trace 4

Besides Duplin Castle, the family of Oliphant had a house close by the Church of Aberdalgy
the foundations of which may still be traced. Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume]18 p. [page] 157

The Lords Oliphant of Bachilton were for centuries the feudal lords of Aberdalgie. A full Account
of this ancient family is given in Douglas's and Crawford's peerage New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]

Particular Enquiry has been made as to what sort of building the ancient seat of the Oliphants was which stood on the site of Aberdalgie House. Within the memory of the oldest inhabitants there were no remains of it except the foundations which were very extensive, An old man named Andrew Oswald
labourer to Lord Dupplin assisted in the digging out these foundations for the building of Aberdalgie House and he states that the walls were 5 o 6 feet thick, and that people always in speaking of it called it the "Old Castle", never Aberdalgie house, the latter is a new name given to the new house by William Lorimer, this gentleman states as his opinion that it was anciently called simply, "Aberdalgie" but it appears from all that can be learned of it by the tradition of the locality that it was a castle. Among those consulted are two old men at present living in the village of New Scone both of them above 80 years of age and who were born in the parish and and lived there untill lately and whose ancestors were residents of the parish for many generations past, and they state the they "always heard it called Lord Aberdalgie's Castle or palace and it is their belief that it was at one time Aberdalgie Castle", when it was the only baronial residence in Aberdalgie
Mr Lorimer states that the buildings here must have been very extensive as he dug up foundations all round his house to a considerable distance

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