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QUARTER KNOWE (Supposed Tumulus) Quarter Knowe John Brown Schoolmaster,
Tweedie McGrath Bield.
019 About 21 Chains SE of Oliver.
A small knowe which is supposed to be a Tumulus by the virtue of the published accounts but there is no evidence to warrant the supposition extant there were no remains found.
The Parish Church is situated on its summit.
COCKILAND HILL Cockiland Hill Alex. Murray of Glenriskie, Tweedie McGarth of the Bield. 019 About 3/4 of a mile SW of Oliver.
A Considerable hill oval shaped on the farm of Hairstanes, the surface of which is covered with rough pastures. It lies betwixt Talla Water and Glenriskie Burn near to their union with the Tweed. The property of the Earl of Wemyss.
Supposed TUMULUS [Quarter Knowe] as above as above 019 as above

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