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Campshiel Burn
Andrew Weatherstone Campshiel
Archibald Reid, Damheadshiel
018 [Situation] Flows immediately South of Camp Shiel
This burn has three feeders - one from Stell Cleugh, another from Hazel Cleugh, And the third from Birkie Cleugh; - And after running a Short distance betwixt Lead Mine and White Rig, falls into Fingland Burn near Campshiel.
HAZEL CLEUGH Hazel Cleugh Andrew Weatherstone Campshiel
Archibald Reid Damheadshiel
018 [Situation] About ⅝ of a Mile East of Camp Shiel This heathy Cleugh is Situated betwixt Minch Muir Hill and White Rig - And Contributes A Small Stream towards the formation of Campshiel Burn.
WHITE RIG White Rig Andrew Weatherstone
Archibald Reid, Damheadshiel
018 [Situation] About ⅝ of A Mile S.E [South East] of Camp Shiel
A long heathy Rig on the farm of Traquair, & extending from Campshiel to the County Boundary - and lying betwixt Hazel Cleugh and Glen Cleugh.

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Parish of Traquair - Sheet 18 No 10 Trace 2

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