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Parish of Traquair - Sheet 18 No 1 Trace 3

"At Traquair the Scottish Kings had a Castle, in the in the twelfth Century where they
occasionally resided for the purpose of hunting in Traquair Forest. It is not quite
certain whether this ancient Castle Stood on the Site of Traquair House which Pennycuick
Calls a palace and praises as Stately. This building which Stands on the junction of the
Quair and Tweed was obviously Constructed in different ages: The oldest part and it is
of great antiquity and Seems to have been a Strong tower, was doubtless the King's Castle.
The modern part was built during the reign of Charles I by the great Earl of Traquair
the Lord Treasurer of Scotland who is praised by Clarendon for his Knowledge of affairs
and Skill in the management of them." Chalmer's Caledonia vol. II [2] p.[page] 917.
"Traquair House the seat of the noble Earl of that name is a large and ancient building on
the banks of Tweed and Quair. The venerable yet elegant appearance of this house or rather
palace as Dr Pennecuik terms it has not less the air of royal grandeur than extensive policy and gardens
have of taste and judgement. It is not particularly Known at what time or by whom the Oldest
part of the noble Structure was built". Armstrong's Compn. [Companion]
"Part of the House of Traquair is of very remote antiquity built on the bank of the Tweed
easily defensible from that Side and might possibly in the days of hostility be properly guarded on
the other. It was in the form of a tower". &c Old Stat. Acct. [Old Statistical Account].

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