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Of the house or Castle of Skirling to which reference is made in the former Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
nothing now remains to arrest the stranger's eye. All that might give a melancholy interest
to the spot is utterly swept away. Its very foundation stones embracing more than a rood
of land are removed and the plough may be seen passing over and cattle grazing where
lady fair once sat and Stalwart Knight once trode. While however it has thus banished
away something is still known as to the causes and progress of its decline. Its possessor in the Sixteenth
century Sir James Cockburn of Skirling was married to a Sister of Lord Herries and was
not only thus connected with Queen Mary's party but even had the honorable Station assigned
to him of holding the Castle of Edinburgh in her name and was appointed one of her
Commissioners at the Conference at York. The downfall of her power was accordingly ruinous
to him and being deeply involved in the efforts made in behalf of the imprudent and
unfortunate queen he was peculiarly obnoxious to the triumphant party and by the
Command of the Regent Murray his castle was demolished by a strong military force
on the 12th of June 1568 and being thus overthrown it was never afterwards rebuilt &
reinhabited but was left to the destructive energies of time and the unsparing hand
of the spoiler till its desolation was completed. Though the property afterwards belonged
to the Cockburns they returned not to dwell in the ancient home of their fathers but
inhabited as did likewise some of the succeeding proprietors a house in the
village which like its more venerable predecessor has now also entirely
disappeared. -- New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Linlithgowshire page 101-2

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