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Market Cross of Peebles
"In an open central space in the High Street nearly opposite the head of the North gate once stood the cross of Peebles. It consisted of an octagonal shaft of stone three feet three inches in circumference and about twelve feet high with one ornamental capital on which rested a sun dial. The pillar or shaft rose from a paved platform or roof an octagonal building about 10 feet high. An access to the platform was gained by a door and inner flight of steps. From this handsome erection which formed an ornament to the street Royal and other proclamations were made and for ages the King's health was drunk by the gentlemen of the town and county on every recurring birthday of his majesty. In 1807 the provost reported to the town council that the cross was in a ruinous state and required to be either repaired or removed. The town council agreed that the cross be taken down and removed and that the whole materials should be sold by public roup. This interesting old fabric was accordingly removed and its materials disposed of the shaft being resigned to Sir John Hay who transferred it to the pleasure ground of King's meadows where it now remains.
The shaft of sandstone is considerably decayed but the dial is entire and bears the date 1699. A[---]st it the partially obliterated carvings on the capital may still be traced the arms of the town there are likewise faint traces of the cognisances of the Frasers and the Hays of Yester who as hereditary sheriffs of Peeblesshire took particular interest in the affairs of the burgh. It is our belief that the shaft is of considerably older date than the dial." etc. Chambers Guide to Peebles, 1856, page 56-7

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