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East Port
Mr Thomas White High Street
John Young Eastport
013 [Situation] East end of High Street
This street extends from the Cross at the East end of the High Street to where the Town wall crossed at the East end. The houses are from two to three storeys high, have vegetable gardens attached and are occupied by Shopkeepers and Mechanics The closes on each side are inhabited by labourers &c.
Site of EAST PORT [Peebles] East Port Site of
East Port Site of
Mr William Blackwood
Mr Robert Stirling
013 [Situation] About 18 Chains N.E. [North East] of the Church - End of East Port
This marks the place at the east end of the Town, where the gate was erected which gave ingress or egress to the Town on that side, no Vestage of the gate now remains.

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[Page] 55
Town of Peebles -- Sheet 6 Supplementary Trace or Trace 4

" If (Peebles) was surrounded by a wall to ward off
sudden attacks of the Borders: and of this defence
the line can still be traced in connection with Ports
or Gates, as now indicated by the names, Northgate,
Eastgate and Port-Brae."
Chambers Guide to Peebles
and its Neighbourhood P. [Page] 29 & 30

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