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MINISTER'S POOL Minister's Pool
Minister's Pool
Mr James Mathison, Peebles
James Donaldson Old Town
013 [Situation] About 25 Chains West of the Church
This name applies to that part of the River Tweed which extends from the Weir to the first bend or turn in the river West of Hay Lodge it derived its name from the Manse or Minister's House which stands close to that part of the River.
STRANGERS NOOK Strangers' Nook
Strangers' Nook
James Donaldson Old Town
James Gray Firknow
013 [Situation] About 25 Chains W [West] by N [North] of the Church
This name applies to a place at the SW [South West] Corner of the burial ground, where strangers are generally interred

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Town of Peebles -- Sheet 4 Trace 5

River Tweed [crossed out - note on page] In p. [page] 65

Strangers' Nook [note on page]
Near the gate is the "Strangers Nook." Chambers Guide P. [Page] 53

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