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Remains of ST ANDREW'S CHURCH [Peebles] St. Andrew's Church (Remains of)
St. Andrew's Church (Remains of)
Ruins of St. Andrews Church
St. Andrews Kirk in Ruins
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Mr Robert Stirling, Peebles
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"The parish church stood on the right bank of the Eddleston Water at the west end of the chief street of the old town. It was under the invocation of St Andrew (whose figure appears on the ancient seal of the burgh) and was surrounded by a cemetery. The chronicle of melrose records that the church St. Andrew the Apostle at Peblis was dedicated by Jocelin the Bishop of Glasgow on Sunday the 29th Of October 1195. In the year 1227 an agreement between the see of Glasgow and the Abbey of Paisley was concluded in the church of Peblis.
It had several altars or chantries "John of Geddes Lord of half of Ladyurd in the barony of Kirkurd gert be biggit the Chapel of our Lady Sanct Mary within the paroch Kirk of Sanct Andrew of Peblis;" and there in the year 1434 in presence of Wat. Tweedie of Drummelzier and others he resigned by Staff and baton his lands of half Ladyurd in the hands of his our Lord Walter Scott of Northington. The Rood altar of the College Kirk of Saint Andrew in Peebles was united with the Haly bluid altar situate in the Cross Kirk and had an annual revenue in 1561 of £10..19..2 arising from 29 small pieces of land a mill a barn and a moss-house".
"In the year 1543 the parish church of Saint Andrew was by the municipal corporation of the burgh and John Lord Hay of yester elected into a collegiate church endowed for a provost ten prebends and two choristars. The prebends which appear to have been founded in part from the revenues of previously existing chantries had the names of Saint Mary, the Holy Cross, Saint michael the Archangel Saint mary major, Saint John Baptist, Saint mary del Geddes, Saint Andrew, Saint James, Saint Lawrence, and Saint Christopher. The endowment made by the burgh and Lord Yester was probably no more than a yearly sum of 24 merks with a Chamber and a yard." Origines Parochiales Scotiae vol [volume] 1 p [page] 228-9

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