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John Middlemas, farmer, Crookston
Mr Stirling, Peebles
Fullarton's Gazetteer
Stat: Acct [Statistical Account]
This name applies to a considerable portion of elevated moorland, which is chiefly adopted for sheep grazing, and is situated about three miles South of Peebles. Its Southern side is in some places precipitous. It appears to have been anciently called Cadhmore, which signifies in Gaelic "the great sight"; probably from its elevated situation:- on the top of it are the remains of Four British Forts.
FORT (Remains of) [Crookston] Fort (Remains)
Fort (Remains)
John Middlemas Crookston
Mr Stirling, Peebles
013 [Situation] About 1½ Mile N. W. [North West] from Crookston
This Fort is situated on the top of a small conical shaped hill included in Cademuir. It is in an imperfect State of preservation; but the remains of a once strong circular stone wall built, apparently without cement, are still distinctly visible

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