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There was a hospital for the infirm and indigent which can be traced
to the middle of the fourteenth century. It commonly known by the name of Saint
Leonard's but appears to have been dedicated also to Saint Laurence. it stood on
the left bank of the Tweed about a mile and a half below the burgh at
a place which still keeps the name of the Chapel Yards. It was governed
by a master who had a perpetual grant from the crown of two merks yearly
from the rents of the burgh. When this payment was accounted for by the bailies
in the year 1395 the roll of the exchequer styles the master 'of the St Leonard's Hospital
of Peblys'. but in the following year is called of,'Saint Laurence's Hospital', and
continues to be so styled in the rolls of the years 1398, 1399, 1403 & 1405. In this last year the burgh
having been wasted by fire no payment was made into exchequer and the rolls say. And
nothing is allowed to the master of Saint Laurence's Hospital beside Pebles during the
time of this account because there was not whence the master of the Hospital could take any
of his accustomed pension of two merks of the King's alms. When the hospital next appears
in the rolls in the years 1425 and 1434 it has the name of Saint Leonard's: in the former year
Sir Robert of Laweder Knight the elder was its master. In the year 1427 King James I presented
his confessor David Rat vicar of the order of Preachers within the realm of Scotland to the Hospital of Saint
Leonard's near the town of Peebles. It held lands untill the Reformation when they passed into lay hands:
in the year 1624 John Hay was served heir of Alexander Hay of Smeithfeild his brother in the lands of Spit
-telhauche, Weitlands, Squyerhauche and Saint Leonard's acres beside the chapel of Saint Leonard
near the burgh of Peebles which lands are called Chapel Yairds of Saint Leonardis in three roods
or particates of land of land at Quhytstauchill near the burgh of Peebles in three roods of lands near
the lands of the Holy Cross Church of Peebles and in a tenement of land at the Cunzienuik of the Briggait of
Peebles, extending in all to forty shillings yearly. - - Origines Parochiales Scotia vol 1 pp 230, 231

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