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CROSS OF PEEBLES Cross of Peebles (Continued) Continued [from page 41]
-building purposes - when the portion of it here described, was rescued from ruin - by Sir Adam Hay - and placed on the Site it now occupies. Some hope of it being restored to its original Shape and Site are entertained among'st the many plans of improving the town about being carried out.
Broad Stream
Broad Stream
Broad Stream
Alexander Gentle Seedsman Peebles
J. Walker Printer Peebles
013 [Situation] East of Peebles Market Cross

The broadest part of the River Tweed - immediately East of where the Cross Stands - is Known by this name - to those in the neighbourhood who practise the art of fishing

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Parish of Peebles -- Sheet 13.6 -- Trace 6

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