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Parish of Manor

The other Camp occupies a commanding Site upon Chesters Hill, a Steep conical
eminence, nearly a mile distant from the intrenchments which we have described. The
fortifications consist of loose stones piled upon each other to a breadth varying from 9 to 11
paces, and within the last twenty years were upwards of 5 feet high. The exterior wall
is of an eliptical figure and measures 222 paces in circumference within which there
is another wall of a circular shape occupying nearly the whole breadth of the
circumscribing fortification and forming of course two crescents at the extremities of the
latter. Within the compass of the circle the ground seems to have been hollowed
out artificially the excavation deepening towards the centre. In the last Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
of the parish and in a Gazetteer lately published of some celebrity, these are pronounced
to be the remains of a Roman Camp and it is also stated in these publications
that an urn Containing a quantity of Roman coins was dug out of the ruins several
years ago. It is now very difficult to find any of these coins but one which was
examined by the writer of this account proved to his surprise to be an English coin
and bore the name of one of the Edwards clearly enough impressed around its
border. This fact as well as the form of the circumvallations which differs from all the
camps which are certainly known to have been found by the Romans, and which were [continued on OS1/24/29/6B]

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