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GLENRATH BURN Glenrath Burn John Thomson Shepherd
George Thomson Shepherd
016 ; 017 [Situation] Flows West Side of Windy Neese

This name applies to a Burn that rises on t [the] North side of Black Cleugh Hill and flows North West, and emp [empties] itself into Mannor Water a short distance from Glenrath Farm House
SWINCHY CLEUGH Swinchy Cleugh John Thomson Shepherd
George Thomson Shepherd.
017 [Situation] About ¼ of A Mile West of Windy Neese

Is situated on the ea [east] of Horse Hope Hill through which runs a small Stream that empties i [itself] into Glenrath Burn
Glenrath Heights
J. Thompson Glenrathhope
A Tweedy Glenrath
017 [Situation] About ½ mile East of Windy Neese

A range of high heathy hills over which the Co. [County] Bou [Boundary] passes. The range commences where Blackhouse Heights end at Worms Cleugh - And extend Northwards to Broom Hill, where Hundles Hope Heights begin.

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