List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
WHITSON'S CLEUGH Whitson's Cleugh
Whitson's Cleugh
Whitson's Cleugh
Whitson's Cleugh
J. Thompson Glenrath Hope
Mr Tweedy farmer Glenrath
017 [Situation] About ½ mile East from Glenrathhope

A pretty extensive cleugh thro [through] which flows a sm [small] Stream into Back Burn It is situated between Middle Hill and Stru [Strummeadow].
Meadows - .
GIANT'S GRAVE Giants Grave J. Thompson
Mr Tweedy
017 [Situation] 16 Chains West of Glenrathhope

A small islet of grave like form at the confluence of Back Burn with that, of Glenrath. It was formed by the burn dividing at this point, and from its appearance, called by the natives Giants Grave.
Strummeadow Hill
Strummeadow Hill
J. Thompson Glenrath Hope
Mr Tweedy Glenrath
017 [Situation] About ¾ of a mile E by S. [East by South] of Glenrathhope

A hill rising to a considerable eminence - and covered with heathy pasture - Situ [Situated] betwixt Whitsons Cleugh [&] Longgrain Burn.

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