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Greenside Craig
John Thompson Shepherd Glenrath &
Mr Tweedy farmer Glenrath
017 [Situation] About 5/8 of a mile N.W. [North West] of Glenrathope

This name applies to a considerable portion of Glenrath Hill: in some places it is precipitous, and others it slopes gradually towards Glenrath Burn on the south. It is covered with heathy pasture.
SCUDS CLEUGH Scud's Cleugh
Scud's Cleugh
John Thompson Shepherd Glenrath
Mr Tweedy farmer Glenrath
017 [Situation] About 15 Chains East from Greenside Craig

A dell, (the sides of which slope rapidly) at the bottom of which runs a small mountain stream, which forms the Eastern boundary of Greenside Craig. These cleughs, all of which appear to be of a similar Character, seem to be originally formed by torrents of water running down the sloping sides of hills during the rainy season. In most cases portions of the hills have been carried away, leaving steep banks behind. Generally there is a small stream flowing through these Cleughs, which rapidly increases during the rain; but sometimes the track of a stream only is to be seen, particularly in summer.- The cleughs on this sheet differ only in their names, which are of very limited notoriety, being chiefly Known to a few neighbouring Shepherds.

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