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BLACK RIG Black Rig A Anderson
R Hamilton Shepherds
016 [Situation] About ½ mile S.E. [South East] of The Scrape

A Ridge of land on the far [farm] of Posso. and extending East Wards from the Case of Scrap [Scrape] to where the Berry Burn joins the Mill Burn. The Surface of which is Covered with Heathy Pasture.
BERRY BURN Berry Burn A. Anderson
R. Hamilton
016 [Situation] Flows About ½ Mile E [East] of the Scrape

A Small Stream which rises at the North Side of Black Rig and flowing in an Easterly direction till it joins the Mill Burn.
MILL BURN Mill Burn A.Anderson
016 [Situation] Flows E [East] side of Black Rig

A Stream which rises at the East Side of Broad Moss and flows in a N.E. [North East] direction till it joins the Mannor Water. To the South of Posso Farm house.

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