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Parish of Lyne

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but the traditions of the Country are strong negatives on its antiquity. Sir Thomas Randolph
nephew to the victorious Robert I and Regent to his unfortunate son David II was by
the former raised to the dignity of Earl of Murray and Lord Annandale for his approved
courage at Bannockburn. This great man it is said built the church of Lyne and had
a house in Lyne Camp the remains of which are now called Randol or Radolplis walls
and have been most barbarously obliterated through inattention of the proprietor and
ignorance of the farmer. This camp is 495 feet square and contains Six acres two roads.
Arm. Lyne quoted in Dr [Doctor] Pennicuik's Tweeddale.

This last account of its present of its present name is not inconsistent with its having previously
been a Roman Station, as there is evidence of its having been. It is now almost entirely
ploughed down &, levelled. Hamildean-hill, Romanno, and Whitefield nearby at equal
distances seem to have been the sites of a chain of forts in a northerly direction between this
Roman Castellum and Carlops with the Terraces on the Girl hill near it and its Exploratory
forts at Paties and Carlop hills on the rampart and ditch carried west by Dunsyre
towards Castle-dykes and the Roman Road there. Pennicuik's Description of Tweeddale page 206.

About a quarter of a mile west from Lyne Church is a Roman Camp which notwithstanding
the time that has elapsed since its formation and the operations to which it has been exposed Still
presents a very distinct appearance. Its situation indicates the military prudence which charac
-terized the Conquerors of the world. A road leading to it is Still visible. Its interior has often been subject
to culture and Roman Coins are said to have frequently been discovered in it but what these were or whither
they were conveyed it would now be difficult to ascertain. New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Peeblesshire page 168.

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