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Parish of Lyne

Near Lyne Kirk are the remains of a Roman Camp which Gordon after giving its general
situation describes thus. It is still very entire in most places and strongly fortified with
double ditches and three rows of ramparts. It has four regular entries one on each side.
A vast rampart of Stone and earth encompasses the South end of it but I think
part of that may be natural ground and with some act made use of to defend it.
On the end of the bank is a large cavity which seems to have been a place appropriated
for burning the bodies of the dead the marks of the fire appearing upon some of
the stones to this day and ashes have been dug out of it. By whom the Castellum was
made I'm sure is very uncertain seeing whatever inscriptions may have been found are either
lost or destroyed. But I am inclinable to believe that it was a work of the Emperor
Severus in his northerly expedition into Caledonia, because no less an extent of ground
than the whole space from this fort along the waterside to the other square entrench-
-ment beyond Romanna was capable of containing so great an army as he brought
along with him part of which in all probability lay encamped on the side of the hill
where the terraces of Romanno appear but this I only offer as a probable conjecture
which every one may either accept of reject as think proper. It is to be wished that Mr
Gordon had been more copious on this subject and had taken notice of the Praetorium
in the center the redoubt and causeway to the east of the fort and the exploratory Camp
on Hamildean Hill. These with several occurring evidences prove it a Roman Station
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