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Site of SCROGS Scrogs (Site of) Revd [Reverend] W. Walkinshaw Lyne
Mr William White Hamildean
012 [Situation] About ½ Mile N.W. [North West] by N. [North] from Hamildean
This is the site of the old Hope of Scrogs or Scroggis as it was formerly written, there is none of the house remaining the Stones & walls have been removed many years ago. It appears from Some Old Records that the lands of Scrogs passed to the College of Glasgow after the Re-formation; they form at present part of the Farm of Hamildean

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Parish of Lyne -- Sheet 12 No. 3 Trace 5

"About the year 1208, David of Line gave to Simon the son
of Robert of Scrogges, the land of Scrogges, estimated at half a
carucate, by these marches; namely, from the strype of
Westerdene above Holmdun (or Hameldun) to the water of Line
excepting always the wood of Gilmimenerdene; which the
lord kept in his own hands, but permitted his vassal to have
casements of the Lord's Whole fief, in Meadow And field,
in wood and plain. The land was to be held of the
lord for the rent of twelve pennies yearly at the feast of St Martin".
Origines Parochiales Scotiae
P [Page] 209.

As this was an ancient house And of Such importance as being Connected with the Church it appears necessary to preserve the Site more especially as the several accounts of the parish are very particular in their Mention of it.

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