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Hamildean Hope
Revd [Reverend] W. Walkinshaw Lyne
Mr William White Hamildean
012 [Situation] Extends N.E. [North East] from Hamildean Farm House.
A Small open Valley at the Eastern base of Hamildean Hill on the Farm of Hamildean, through which a stream flows into the Lyne Water. It is named after the Farm & its Southern Continuation is Called Hamil Dean or the Dean
Hamil Dean
Revd [Reverend] W. Walkinshaw
Mr William White
012 [Situation] Extends South from Hamildean Farm House
A small Valley or Dean which is in the Continuation Southwards of Hamildean Hope, situated at the East Side of the Farmhouse to which it is said to have given the name. In the locality it is spoken of as the Dean but Mr White says that the Farmhouse is evidently named from this Ravine or Dean, and should therefore be called Hamil Dean.

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Situation - Hamildean Hope - Extends N.E. from Hamildean Farm House

Situation - Hamil Dean - Extends South from Hamildean Farm House

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