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STONE COFFINS OR KISTVAENS (Found Here) [Broomlee] Stone Coffins found here R Gordon Esqr. Halmyre
Thomas Kirkpatrick
005 [Situation] Aboout 13 Chains WNW [West North West] of Broomlee

The present course of the Lyne Water, is about 7 chains east from its original course but when it ran past here, the action of the water disclosed the ends of several stone coffins, a great number of which have been taken out, that contained human remains. The land is all arable here at present, but there is still a small shape, that shows the course in which the river ran formerly.

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Parish of Linton -- Sheet 5 No 14 -- Trace 2

[Note] -- "A little below Linton near half a mile
we meet with what is remarkable in a piece
of ground called the Temple Land. The earth
lies in a considerable level above the water
and as the brae washeth away the force of
the under running floods there are to be
seen peeping out of that brae the ends of
many Coffins of broad flagstones close joined
together. There upon opening I found the Skull
legs arms and thigh bones of people but when
and upon what account none can be positively
determine there being no appearance of any
Church, Chapel, or churchyard nearer than Linton" -- Pennecuik's Description of Tweeddale page 161-2

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