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Kirkstead Knowe
Kirkstead Knowe
James Somerville Ladyurd
William Smith Shepherd
Alexander Swan Grantshall
012 [Situation] About 20 chains N.W. [North West] from Ladyurd

This name applies to a Small Knowe of a very peculiar Shape and having every appearance of being formed into its present Shape by Art. It is Situated a short distance N.W. [North West] from Ladyurd in a loop of the Ladyurd Burn. Its top is quite level, of an Elliptical shape, with the sides sloping all around at about an angle of 45° towards the Stream, beyond which the bank again rises to about the same height as the top of the Knowe. At the S.E. [South East] side of the level top is a small Rampart and fronting this is a steep brae formed into three tier of Slopes rather defaced There is a Vague Tradition that it is the site of a church probably from its name. It has more the appearance of the old Terraces; but there is nothing Known about it in the Parish

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