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ROSEBANK MILL (Woollen) Rosebank Mill (Woollen)
Rosebank Mill (Woollen)
Mr J Dobson Proprietor
Mr J Laidlaw Inverleithen
014 [Situation] About 15 Chains S.E. [South East] from Town Hall

A large building three st [storeys] high having dye house etc attached all in good repa [repair] the machinery is propelled by water power the average nimber of hands employed [is] 120 It is the property of Messers. J and A Dobson Fewed from the Earl of Traquair
Batta Green
Mr J Dobson Inverleithen
Mr J Laidlaw Inverleithen
014 [Situation] About 10 Chains East from Town Hall

A small green once the pro [property] of the fewers of Inverleithen but it has been converted [to] the property of the Earl of Traquair since the enclosing Act was passed -- The word is taken from Battery, owing to a bank er [erected] against the encroachment of the Leithen W [Water]

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[page] 42
Parish of Inverleithen -- Sheet 14 No 13 -- Trace 6

[Faint Note] -- Is this a spinning
or weaving Mill

[Note] -- Ratta on Plan

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