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NETHER HORSBURGH CASTLE (Remains of) Nether Horsburgh Castle
Nether Horsburgh Castle
Mr. Thomas French, Shepherd, Hope
Mr. James Plenderleith, Nether Horsburgh
013 [Situation] About 7 Chains North from Nether Horsburgh.
The remains of this old Castle lie immediately North adjoining the farm Steading of Nether Horsburgh, to[whi[ch] it gives its name. Judging from the great thickness of the walls which sti[ll] remain, it must have been built a like defence, as well as, observation. Litt[le]? is Known of its history in the Neighbourhood; but there can be no doubt, from its appearance & situation, that it was one of [the] Castles with watch-towers &c, which at one [time]? existed along the whole course of the rive[r] usually on different sides alternately an[d] within sight of each, so as to act as reley beacons in warning the country of an inva[sion] from the border. It is in a much better st[ate]? of preservation than Horsburgh Castle fr[om]? which, and as its name implies w[e]? may infer that it belongs to a mor[e] recent period. (See description of Horsburgh Castle)

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Innerleithen Parish -- Sheet 13. No. 8. trace 6

"The ruins of the tower of Horsburgh are still to be seen
as a Knoll beside the Tweed its lords were reputed
Chiefs of their name. There was a tower also at Cardrona
Towards the end of the last Century above Nether Horsburgh
were the ruins of a large building which had apparently
been a place of Strength." - Origines Parochiales Scotiae, vol. [volume] 1. p [page] 226

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