Place names

These volumes provide information on the place names found in the Nairnshire parishes of Ardclach, Auldearn, Cawdor, Croy and Dalcross, and Nairn published in 1869. Place names from the parishes of Moy and Dalarossie, Petty, and Daviot and Dunlichity may also be found in this volume. The columns of these ledgers include the place name, any variant name and spellings, map sheet numbers and descriptive remarks.

929 place names

ALLT A' BHREABADAIROS1/22/1/36Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT A' CHOIREOS1/22/1/35Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT A' CHOIRE BHUIDHEOS1/22/1/52Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT A' CHOIRE ODHAIR BHIGOS1/22/1/88Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT A' CHOIRE ODHAIR MHOIROS1/22/1/91Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT A' MHUILINNOS1/22/1/51Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AIREIMHOS1/22/1/27Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AN DAIMHOS1/22/1/84Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AN FHUARAIN BHÀINOS1/22/2/45Nairnshire volume 02
ALLT AN IOMAILLOS1/22/1/10Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AN T-SITHEINOS1/22/1/28Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AN T-SLUGAIN BHIGOS1/22/1/37Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT AN T-SLUGAIN MHOIROS1/22/1/38Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT BAD AN IASGAIROS1/22/1/80Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT BAD AN STAINGOS1/22/1/85Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT BREACOS1/22/1/49Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT CARN A' GHRANTAICHOS1/22/1/31Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT CÀRN A' GHRANTAICHOS1/22/5/16Nairnshire volume 05
ALLT CARN A' MHAIS LEATHAINOS1/22/1/60Nairnshire volume 01
ALLT CARN AN T-SEAN-LIATHANAICHOS1/22/1/81Nairnshire volume 01